Saturday, January 16, 2016

More On Tech Stuff

My mother used to tell me I had too much imagination. But my imagination has come in handy for writing. Here's an imaginary event that could be interesting, to say the least.

What if something happened, such as waves of something-or-other from outer space, that instantly and completely removed all electrical power from our planet?

Most of us have experienced power outages.

While most are fixed in a matter of hours or, at worst, a few days, some caused by disasters have even lasted for days or weeks. But they are limited to certain areas, not the entire globe.

And, while our power is out we can rely on batteries and/or generators to help us get by.

But what if those didn't work, and the power was out permanently?

A hundred and fifty years ago people lived without electricity all the time, but the world was a lot different back then.

 Cars, trains, and other forms of transportation wouldn't work and neither would most ways we communicate with other people.  Even snail-mail wouldn't work without machinery to sort it and vehicles to deliver it. 

If all electric power vanished today would water still get pumped to our homes, even from wells? Would gas continue to flow through pipelines?
And, how would people react to the disaster?

Hmmm. If you're a writer like me perhaps this possibility will give you some plot ideas. Feel free to use it.

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