Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jeremiah Lucky Finds Puppy Love

 While preparing for his part in a class play and dealing with an irritating girl, Jeremiah learns his best friend and neighbor will be going away to camp.

Summer vacation will be lonely and boring.

Just before school is out some puppies are brought to an assembly to encourage kids to adopt animals  from the shelter. Jeremiah falls in love with one of them.

He finally convinces his mother to let him adopt that dog.

But when they go to the shelter they find out the puppy has already been adopted by someone else. The boy doesn't want any other dog.

And letters from his friend at camp only serve to remind him how lonely his own life is.

But the interesting plot leads to things Jeremiah wouldn't have guessed and, while the book has a satisfying ending, it gives hints about a future book.

This book will be welcomed by young readers who have met Jeremiah Lucky in an earlier chapter book where the boy encountered his guardian angel. And Angus, that unusual angel, does make some brief appearances in this book.

But Jeremiah Lucky Finds Puppy Love can stand alone and will be enjoyed by kids who haven't read the first book in the series. And they'll probably be eagerly awaiting the next book about Jeremiah Lucky.

Eric Hammond has provided a black and white illustration for each chapter that will tempt kids to use their crayons and color it in.

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