Saturday, March 19, 2016


I couldn't exist without public libraries.

I probably own about 2000 books, but even if I re-read each one every year that wouldn't be nearly enough to get me through. And e-books don't thrill me, though I do read them once in a while.

I got my first library card in First Grade and will always remember my father walking me home afterwards in the dark.

Later, I had severe asthma and went to the library every day after school to wait for my mother to pick me up when she got off work. I loved spending all weekday afternoons there.

Of course in college I only used the University Library except during vacations, and seldom had time to read for pleasure.

But ever since I became a "grown-up" I've been back at my childhood addiction to reading and I love my local library.

A few years ago there was some discussion about privatizing our county libraries and the entire community came together to prevent that from happening. I'm so glad we succeeded!

Do you still use your public library? I hope so.

As my bumper sticker says, "Bookaholics Unite!"

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