Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pay TV

Back in the dim and distant past when I was a kid, commercials on radio and television took only a few minutes  out of every half hour.

And, do any of you remember when a brilliant, future invention of "Pay TV" was supposed to eliminate commercials altogether?

Well, that prediction certainly didn't come true!

Now most people must pay for the privilege of watching television, and it seems like about half the broadcast time is used for ads.

I hardly ever watch TV anymore except for the evening news, and I can get that on the radio, or on my computer if I prefer.

A few years ago I cancelled my subscription to the TV network. A friend gave me an adapter box and aerial so I can usually get a few channels, though I don't bother with most of them.

Once in awhile if the weather is bad I don't get any reception, but if that happens, I can listen to the news on the radio instead. Or (GASP!) even read it the next morning in the newspaper. And, yes, I still get a hard copy of that.

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