Wednesday, May 4, 2016


After Cedar's father and brother (who was apparently autistic) were killed in a car accident, Cedar's mother uses part of the insurance money to buy a house in the town where she grew up. The family plans to spend summers there, near the grandparents, and rent the house to college students during the school year. Since Cedar's mother is a teacher, she can be away from their home during school vacations.

Cedar follows a boy who is involved in a theater for kids, though not as a performer. She makes friends with him and gets a job helping with the production.

Then things get complicated.

The two kids try to make money doing something not quite honest, and try to solve a mystery.

Summerlost is a beautifully written book. The grief and guilt are realistic, but the exciting plot, blooming relationships, and realistic characters make it a pleasure to read.

Sally Condie is definitely a masterful writer and I hope she writes more Middle Grade books in the future.

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