Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tech Addiction

I've been offline for a week while having repairs done on my computer. I was amazed at how difficult it was to do without internet access for a week. My cellphone gets no reception where I live, so it wasn't an option.

Compared to twenty years ago, when I did use the internet, I've become completely dependent on it.

And I understand our telephone company, AT&T is planning to get rid of all land line service in the future.

I live in an area where power outages happen often when there are severe winter storms. Because of the drought in California we haven't had many of those recently, but in past years some nearby areas have often been without power for days.

And even the towers don't work without electricity, so when that is out there's no way to communicate except through the old fashioned land line phones.

In some nearby areas even in good weather here's never any way to get a signal because the trees and hills block it. People who live out there can't use cellphones and their only way to communicate is through old fashioned telephone lines. If those are shut down lots of us will be inconvenienced, but some people will be completely isolated.

I sure hope that doesn't happen.

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