Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bring It Along

Here's something else that has changed a lot since I was young: what we have to carry with us.

Back then my purse would contain a make-up bag with a comb, a tube of lipstick, an eyebrow pencil and a compact, which was a round, flat case with a mirror, face powder and a powder puff inside.

The wallet in my purse had some cash, a driver's license, my library card, maybe one bank card, and some photos in it. And I might have a few tissues available, just in case they were needed.

Of course men wouldn't carry make-up, but they'd have a wallet with similar contents, and maybe a comb and handkerchief in their pockets.

And, of course everyone would have a key chain or ring with keys to their home and car.

Today we have to carry so many cards they wouldn't fit in our old wallets. Besides the kinds we used to carry, there are credit and debit cards, and cards for every store where we are likely to shop. I don't have room for any photos in my wallet anymore.

If you had told me in the 1960s that I'd be carrying a phone in my purse someday I'd have thought you were crazy, but today we all have to carry our cell phones with us everywhere.

Of course some of the additional items, like the meds I have to carry with me, are just there because I'm getting older. And bringing a few printed out family photos is a matter of choice.

What do you carry with you?


cleemckenzie said...

Hi Janet! I found your blog when I was rebuilding my Blog List (Blogger ate mine last week). We've crossed paths several times, and the last time I believe we were at Mike Jung's event. Remember Grant Parker? Maybe that will remind you of who I am.

As to your question: I carry a backpack these days with all those cards you mentioned and my phone. Like you, I had no idea Dick Tracy's two-way communication wrist watch would become an every day normal item.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Lee.
I don't remember where we met either, but I know we have met in person.

Aren't you glad we don't have to use shoe phones like Dick Tracy?