Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum In A Dish

Preschoolers will love this book. It helps them learn to count and identify colors in a fun way.

I wish I'd had it back when I was teaching preschool.

The book begins with a big dish full of bubble gum balls. As the pages are turned, each number and color of bubble gum balls is taken out and held by a different child, who then blows a bubble.

The cute kids in the illustrations are diverse so most youngsters will be able to identify with someone in the book.

At the end kids are challenged to recognize the numbers and colors and then ...

The last page is a fun surprise.

Tracey M. Cox is both the author and illustrator and does an excellent job at both.


Karin Larson said...

Great review, Janet. I loved Tracey's book as well!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Karin.

BarbaraB said...

I enjoyed your review, Janet. And congratulations to Tracey; it's wonderful to have both talents.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Barbara.