Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Day of School

For thousands of kids the first day of school starts soon.

I remember wearing new clothes and wondering what my new teacher - or, when I got older, teachers - would be like and hoping to have friends in my class.

I entered Kindergarten classes twice and first grade once after the school year had already begun because of moving, and that was scary.

One kid I knew who was starting preschool had been prepared by having lots of books about the first day of school read to him. He did fine the first day, but fell apart on the second day because nobody had told him there would be a second day of school.

I guess having a first day of school every year, and possibly starting new schools during the year because of things like moving helps prepare kids for the rest of their lives.

As adults we've all had to deal with first days. For instance there are first days at new jobs, first days living in new places, first days of marriage and parenthood, first days as empty-nesters, and first days dealing with health problems, to name a few.

I hope we can continue to learn from all our first days.

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