Saturday, August 27, 2016

Good Critique Groups

In my last blog post I talked about some bad writers' critique groups I've been in. However I've been in a lot more that were good.

Today I'm meeting with some people from a group I belonged to years ago, and I'm delighted to reunite with them. Besides helping each other's writing improve, we became good friends.

I'm in three - yes, THREE - critique groups where I currently live, and I love all of them.
One group only critiques material for children, another is for Christian writing, and the third is a little of everything as long as it's not offensive.

In two of the groups we send each other manuscripts by e-mail and members share their suggestions at the meetings. At another group we print out and bring hard copies of our work to give out at the meetings and members make suggestions there.

Writers are communicators, but writing is a solitary job, so I greatly enjoy spending time with other writers. We share something important to all of us.

Hopefully I'm helping them improve their work and they're helping me to become a better writer, too.

I guess there are other professions where people gather to share and help each other. Are you involved in any like that?

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