Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Radio Shows

Back in ancient history I was born on the East Coast and my mother, who was from California, missed her former home. So every Saturday morning we listened to the radio program, San Francisco is Your Home.  Even after moving to California we always listened to that program. On the west Coast it was simply called, This is Your Home.

On Saturday evenings we were allowed to stay up an hour later than usual and listen to The Lone Ranger. Even though it wasn't about California, it was about The West.

When I was in elementary school and lived in California all the kids in our neighborhood would listen to Big John and Sparky, Space Patrol, and The Lone Ranger on the radio.

We'd go outside and pretend to be cowboys and Indians (or horses - my best friend was ALWAYS a golden palomino) or that we were flying to outer space and encountering aliens from other planets.

Sometimes, when we hadn't just listened to one of those programs, the girls would pretend to be princesses or magical fairies and dress up in old Halloween costumes or our mothers' cast off clothes. But the boys were not interested in pretending to be princes or anything like that.

Sadly, today's kids don't get to use their imaginations as much as we did. They always have adults hovering over them, or are busy with electronic games and devices.

When you were a kid did you play pretending games?

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