Saturday, September 24, 2016

TV History

I was in the second grade when my best friend's family got the first television in her neighborhood. Every weekday evening I was allowed to go across the road to her house and watch The Howdy Doody show.

Since the other kids in the neighborhood weren't invited to join us, they'd line up outside and watch through her living room window. They trampled the flower beds so her mom rearranged the living room furniture so the TV couldn't be seen from the window.

Before long most of the neighbors had purchased TVs - except us. My widowed mother couldn't afford that luxury.

But when I had to go to a classmate's house to watch the inauguration of President Eisenhower (all kids were supposed to watch it before coming to school later that morning) she decided it was worth the investment to get a TV.

There were three television channels, Four, Five and Seven. But when Channel Four upgraded to "super power" a wide, black stripe appeared down the middle of the screen so we couldn't watch that channel at our house. But it wasn't long before Channel 13 began so we could choose between three of them again.

A few years later I actually got to appear on Channel Five but I'll blog about that next time.

What TV shows did you watch when you were a kid?

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