Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Favorite Kids

I've been a parent, grandparent, teacher, and I'm author of books for kids. 

Of course I love my own kids and grandkids best, but if I had to choose my favorite age group to work with it wouldn't be easy because I enjoy kids of all ages.

Babies and toddlers are very cute, but caring for them is sometimes difficult.

I was a substitute teacher for many years and my least favorite age to work with was Middle School. I thought the boys behaved a lot like two-year-olds while the girls acted like they were twenty, and it wasn't easy to keep both sexes interested in anything.

High school kids are more like adults. Historically, and in some cultures today, they would be married and holding jobs instead of attending school.

Elementary school kids were a pleasure to teach, because most of them are interested in learning, but my favorite age to work with is preschoolers.

I taught preschool for about twelve or thirteen years and loved doing that. Those kids are both cute and eager to learn.

If you are or have been a parent or worked with kids what's your favorite age group?

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