Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tech Stuff

Hundreds of years ago it was unlikely to hear from people who lived far away and, if there was any communication, it could take months to arrive.
The railroads and pony express speeded that process up, and most people were literate when those were developed.
Then came air mail, so we could send letters and assume they’d be delivered in a matter of days. and we could telephone people who lived hundreds of miles away and talk with them right away, or leave a message if they weren’t home, although long distance calls were expensive.
Now we have the internet and cell phones. What a difference! We can communicate with each other almost anywhere or any time.
But wait. There’s more.
Soon we may have brain implants that allow us to communicate instantly. But do we really want other people to know what we’re thinking? Just imagine the advertising that could be poured into our minds constantly.

And I mentioned before that some world government might take over the airwaves and control us all, like in the old sci-fi novel, 1984. (Of course the advertisers are already trying to do that.)

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