Saturday, February 17, 2018


This is quite a switch from the topic of my last blog post, which was Love.
Violence is force used to injure or damage, and we’re seeing more and more of that lately.
I wonder if one reason so many people are doing mass shootings lately is because they relish the publicity that results. Even if they’re arrested or killed themselves, they believe they’ll be famous and remembered forever.
Some of them may want revenge while others believe they’re serving a noble cause.
Of course there’s no way acts of violence could be ignored by the media, and we need to be warned about dangers so we can be prepared.
But just think of how pathetic a person must be if the only way they can feel proud is to do something like that.
And imagine how terrible their parents, teachers, and others who tried to help them in the past must feel.
I’m a big fan of Izzy Kalman’s techniques for handling bullying.  He shares those at  

If schools taught the methods he suggests there would be much less likelihood of people loosing control and attacking others.

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