Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For These Tough Times

Yes, I know it's Christmas Eve and this post should be full of joyful wishes. In a way it is, because not everyone will experience a warm, fuzzy Christmas this year.
I ordered Max Lucado's book, For these Tough Times, Reaching Toward Heaven for Hope and Healing, thinking it would be about the economy. Instead it's a gift book meant to help people dealing with personal problems. As I read it I kept thinking of people I know who need the help and encouragement the book offers, and intend to give my copy to one of them right away. Probably what my friend will find most helpful is the discussion of how a good, loving, and powerful God can allow bad things to happen.
After all, being miles from home and having no place but an animal's feed box to put a newborn baby isn't exactly warm and fuzzy. God can use absolutely anything for good.

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