Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Moon Shines Down

I meant to publish this several days ago, but accidentally sent it to the wrong blog, so here it is. "The Moon Shines Down" is a brand new picture book written by Margaret Wise Brown, who has been dead for a long time. Yes, that is possible. The original manuscript, written years ago by the famous author, was recently found, but it wasn't long enough for a book so someone else added to it. The theme of unity between people all over the world is a great one, and the illustrations are cute and cheerful, though, of course, they're different from those in Wise's well-known book, "Good Night Moon." The meter and rhyme scheme are off in several places and, as a former English major, I find that very irritating, but it probably won't bother 'normal' people very much. The page mentioning a Christmas celebration makes the book an especially appropriate gift for this season.

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