Saturday, April 25, 2009

I-Books for kids

When kids have to wait, they may get squirmy and impatient. Now there's a new way to keep them entertained in checkout lines, long drives, doctors' offices etc. Everyone has heard of e-books, which can be downloaded to computers, but now there are books for kids that can be downloaded to devices like cellphones and i-pods so children can enjoy them wherever they may be. Maybe the new kind of books will be called I-books. 
Unlike traditional hard copies, the downloaded ones probably won't be something kids will be able to share with their own children and grandchildren someday because of technological changes, but I-books won't take up shelf space or be one more thing to be put away when kids (or parents) clean their rooms, and they can easily be carried anywhere. And they'll probably help kids improve their reading skills and motivate them to read more. The I-books also cost less than hard copies. Here's an example of one if you want to learn more:

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