Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cause of Climate Change?

Last year my area had one of the wettest winters on record and this year seems to be one of the driest, but other areas have had opposite extremes of weather. Everyone is talking about climate change.
There are lots of explanations for climate change. It could be caused by chemical pollution of the air and the air quality has certainly changed for the worse. Perhaps it's simply a natural change that happens every few thousand years. I've read there was a mild ice age during the middle ages.
But I have the true explanation. It's the skateboarders. They jump up and down so much that they've tipped the planet. ;-)
Okay, I'm being silly.
Whatever the real cause, I guess we'll have to figure out how to adapt and cope with it.


KDL said...

Hi Jan - I've nominated you for a Liebster can see the details here: Always love your fun perspective on things...skateboarders - sure!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Wow! Thanks, Kim.