Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I've heard most people don't keep their New Year's resolutions. Perhaps that's because they forget or because the resolutions are too difficult to be realistic.
But there's no reason why our resolutions have to be about major changes or things we intend to keep doing for an entire year. Why not make resolutions to do just one simple thing in the next few days?
For example, instead if resolving to loose fifty pounds in a year why not just resolve to avoid eating sweets tomorrow? Or, instead of resolving to keep a home or office clean and organized why not promise to tackle that one pile of papers and file or toss them all by the weekend?
If we keep that one resolution perhaps we'll be motivated to make another small one. Success is a motivator, so perhaps we can mark the calendar with a reminder to do one small resolution at the beginning of every month. Maybe if we get into the habit of making and keeping them, we'll even want to try making a resolution every week.
But if we don't keep a resolution that's no reason to give up. The first of January may be the start of the year, but every morning is a new beginning.

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