Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chasing the Spirit of Service

Kristen Zajac has written an inspiring and educational book for kids entitled Chasing the Spirit of Service. It's about a girl who misses her airman father when he's away and the story her great-grandfather shares with her and her friend, Adam.
Emma's great-grandfather was one of the first African American airmen in World War II. He flew a red tail plane from Tuskegee Army Air Field in Alabama and had to put up with a lot of racial prejudice.
Because they learn about the dedication of people in the military, Emma and Adam decide to do their part by showing gratitude to them. Kids who read the book will be inspired to show their own appreciation, and to understand some of the sacrifices military people have made.
Julie Tucker's bright and colorful illustrations capture the feel of the story beautifully.
This is a great book to help today's kids understand an important part of American history.


Bill Kirk said...

Nice review, Janet. Indeed that was a very inspiring time in our history. And it's still a timely topic today with all the many military members serving overseas. Thanks to Kristen and to you for sharing this story.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Bill.

Nancy Stewart said...

This is a lovely review about such a timely book! Kudos to you both, and the best of luck with such a fine book.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Nancy.