Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?"

 This isn't a new book. In fact it was published in 1992, but I reread it this week and couldn't resist sharing about it. The author, Avi, has written dozens of books, but this one connected with me because it takes place when I was a kid with an imagination like the main character's. Of course I wasn't as obsessed with radio shows as Frankie, but I did listen to a lot of them. The book's title is a quotation from my favorite, The Lone Ranger.

Much as I enjoyed it, this book wasn't written for old fogies like me. Today's kids who have fun reading it will not only learn a bit about history, they'll be able to identify with the main character who wishes he could be a superhero.

The most appealing thing about this book is the humor and, even though I had read it before, it had me laughing out loud by the end.

It might be possible to find used copies of "Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?" online, but if you can't I suggest you take any boys who enjoy humor and adventure to your local library and check out a copy.


Margo DIll said...

Thanks for reminding us of this book. Your early chapter book looks good for boys, too. Would you say it is? What age range? I have an 11-year-old but he's reading at 3rd grade level.


Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Margot. My early chapter book is second grade level, so it might be a bit too easy for him. Your 11 year old might enjoy The Peril of the Sinister Scientist if it's not too long, or Signs of Trouble, which is about kids with learning disabilities. The illustrations are of young kids, but the book is based on field trips I used to take with students of various ages. (Lest you worry, none of them ever got separated from the classes.)

Janet Ann Collins said...

Ooops! I spelled your name wrong, Margo. Please accept my apology.