Saturday, July 28, 2012

Free E-Book

Long, long ago in a land not very far away I wrote and self-published a small book for people who were on special diets. Since several members of our family, including myself, had limits to what they could eat for various medical reasons, I had learned lots of ways to cope with things like finding allowable foods, adapting recipes, handling other people who don't understand why someone can't eat like everyone else, etc.

I had about a hundred copies run off at a local Copy-Mat and, over the years, gave most of them away to people who could use that information.

Now I've made Dealing With Different Diets into a PDF version and will give it away for free to anyone who sends me a request through the Contact Me page of my website,

If you know anyone who might be interested, please tell them about the opportunity and direct them to the link.

Coping with special diets isn't always easy and I'm hoping Dealing With Different Diets will be helpful to lots of people.

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