Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Keri is Cute, Cute, Cute

Award winning author, Karen Wiesner, has written a cute book about cuteness. And I must say the illustrations by Molly M Courtright are also cute.

In Keri is Cute, Cute, Cute we see that ever since she was a baby Keri has been told over and over again by her parents and everyone else that she is cute. She revels in that praise.

But one day she's confronted by a friend of her brother who asks what she can do and she realizes being cute isn't as important as being able to accomplish something.

Finally she helps another child and realizes that she does have a talent that matters more than how she looks.

This book will help kids understand that appearance isn't everything. And maybe some of the parents who read it to their children will also benefit from that lesson.

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