Saturday, January 4, 2014

Water Rationing

California had a very dry year in 2013 and, unless we get quite a bit of rain soon, a drought may be declared. If that happens we'll be required to ration water.

Too bad all the extra snow back East can't be shipped out here, but that would be a bit difficult.

Several decades ago there was a drought here and water was rationed here. We had a "mother-in-law unit" that was rented to a woman who insisted she and her son had to take daily baths. That meant my family could only bathe once a week to avoid high fines, though we did take sponge baths in between.

We were happy when she moved out and we got a more cooperative tenant.

But a hundred years ago, before everyone had indoor plumbing, many people only bathed once a week. In many cases the water was heated on the stove and poured into a large tub. Then the same water was used by each member of the family, beginning with the father and ending with the youngest child.

I'm glad I live today!

How often do you think it's necessary to bathe in order to be healthy?

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