Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Old Time Radio Shows

When I was a kid before there was television (yes, I'm old) there was radio. And, as kids, we loved to listen to the shows.

As a preschooler I was allowed to stay up an hour later than usual on Saturdays to listen to The Lone Ranger because my mother loved that program.

Later all the kids in our neighborhood listened to Big John and Sparky on Saturday mornings. That was followed by Space Patrol. After listening to that show we'd all go out, meet the other kids, and pretend to be flying to distant planets and having adventures in outer space.

And in the evenings we'd listen to the same programs our parents liked.

But just listening only requires a certain amount of attention.

Often while the radio was on we'd play on the floor, making things with my brother's Tinkertoys or Erector Set or building towns with blocks. Then I'd fill the houses with doll house furniture and my brother would drive his toy cars and trucks on the streets between them.

Somehow listening to radio programs seemed to stimulate our imaginations and creativity.

I worry about today's kids who are so addicted to video games and other technology. Are they becoming less creative as a result? Or will those devices stimulate their imaginations?


Penelope Cole said...

Hi Jan, We listened to those shows, too, before TV. And my brothers and I played w/ blocks, erector sets, cars, tinker toys, lincoln logs, too. I worry about the digital generation -- those who don't remember anything before smart phones. They are still creative, making you tube videos is all the rage. They do lots of "selfies" though, too, and I worry they are too "self-absorbed." I'm very pleased when I see or hear them supporting a "cause" because it's something bigger than them, than youtube, selfies, concerts. So I am hopeful (like Bill Gates is.)

Janet Ann Collins said...

I agree, Penelope. I guess we'll have to wait and see how today's kids turn out in the long run.