Saturday, March 1, 2014


Yes, it's March, not November. But, I have a lot to be thankful for. Although I don't often post personal stuff on my blog or elsewhere on the internet I can't resist expressing my appreciation for all the people who have helped me lately.

My diagnosis of a rare cancer in my eye (about six people in a million get it) was followed by a month of medical appointments and an outpouring of help and encouragement. Friends and family drove me to tests and treatments and spent nights with me. (Special thanks to Lynn, Connie,  Lianne, Robert, and Bill.) Others sent cards and gifts, and hundreds of people prayed for me and many of them sent good wishes over the internet.

Now the treatments are over. I'll need to have periodic tests and check ups for years to come to make sure the cancer is really gone, and I might have a partial loss of vision in that eye over time, but the worst is done.

However my gratitude to everyone who gave me help and support will probably last as long as I live.

Thanks to all of you.


June Gillam said...

So happy for your wonderful news!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, June.