Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Misadventures of Edgar & Allen Poe

Gordon McAlpine has written a very British book for kids, though a lot of it takes place in the United States.. It's also very creative.

The Poe twins, Edgar and Allen, are descended from the famous author of similar name. They have the ability to read each others' minds and use their intelligence to outwit the extremely evil villain - with a little assistance from their ancestor in the Great Beyond.

The book is part adventure, part mystery, and part fantasy and takes readers into a world that's just scary enough to be fun.

It's called The Tell-Tale Start and is the first one in a series called The Misadventures of Edgar & Allen Poe but, unlike many series books for kids, this one has a satisfying ending while still tempting readers to want the next one.

I predict this series will be a big hit.

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