Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More on Language

If you use the "search" feature on my blog page and type in "Language," you'll see many posts I've written about language. That's a subject that has fascinated me all my life.

Recently I've joined the local German-American Club and I'm taking an intermediate class in the German language through them.

Although I took two years of German in High School, that information has gotten buried somewhere in the depths of my brain. I'm hoping this class will help me remember what I learned in the dim and distant past and teach me more of the language.

Maybe I'll actually become a fluent speaker of German eventually. I'm already fluent in English and American Sign Language so that would make me trilingual.

If that does happen, maybe then I'll study another language.

I've always wanted to learn Spanish. Since I live in California I've picked up a little of that language, and I studied Latin, which is similar to Spanish, in High School. Maybe it wouldn't be too difficult for me to learn at least a little bit of Spanish.

And, eventually, I might even brush up on the French I took in College, even though I disliked those classes and don't remember much from it.

When I was a kid I wanted to learn every language in the world but, obviously, nobody can do that. However it would be fun to learn some more.

I just hope my brain isn't too old to do it.


Pen N. InkBlog said...

Congratulations. I love languages too.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks. It's nice to get comments here and not just on Facebook.

Connie Arnold said...

Good for you, Jan! It is always good to challenge our brains and learn new things.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Connie. Now if only I could learn to understand all the new technologies I'd be a genius. ;-)