Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ten Little Tricksters

It's only August, but I want to tell you about a book for kids about Halloween. It never hurts to plan ahead.

Ten Little Tricksters is a standard counting story with a different number of kids - or spooks - in costumes on each page. It's not really scary, but captures the fun of trick or treating so kids will love this book.

If I were rich I'd buy enough copies to give all the children who come trick or treating to my house, but I can't afford to buy that many. However every family that buys a copy will find it's a great way to get kids excited about the holiday. Preschool and Kindergarten teachers will enjoy sharing it with their classes, too.

As you can see from the cover, Kevin Collier created illustrations that show the feeling of the book perfectly.

Now you've got plenty of time to go out and get this book before Halloween.


Penelope Cole said...

Hi Janet, Thanks so much for the lovely review. I'm with you--if I were rich, I'd give away the book to Trick or Treaters. I hope folks will find my book and enjoy it and give it to their kids and grandkids. Thanks for your support. Penny (

Janet Ann Collins said...

You are very welcome.

Margot Finke said...

Yes, Penny's Little Tricksters are the perfect Halloween gift. Such a fun, kid friendly picture book. Way to go, Penny!!

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billkirkwrites said...

Nice review, Janet. The book is just in time to offer a counting book option as families get into the Halloween spirit. Tip of the writer's cap to both you and Penelope.

Penelope Cole said...

Thanks Jan, Margot, and Bill, I'm very excited about this little book! All the kids and parents I've shown it to love it, so I'm hoping it will be snatched up for Halloween! Hugs and blessings,

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks to everyone for the comments.

Joni Klein-Higger said...

This books looks adorable! Congrats to Penny and Kevin. No doubt, this will be a holiday treat for many. Nice interview, Jan.

Penelope Cole said...

Thanks Joni and Jan for your kind and supportive comments. This is a great book for the little ones. Thanks for helping to get the word out! hugs and blessings,