Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Lumpy Duckling

I've always cared about helping people who are different, especially kids, to be accepted by others. That's why I was eager to read The Lumpy Duckling by Kai Strand, and I'm glad I did.

The title of this book is a reminder of the classic tale, The Ugly Duckling, but it's not about ducks. It's about a girl known as Wheezy (short for Eloise) and a boy who is fat and - well - lumpy. In fact Lumpy is what he's called.

But Lumpy is Wheezy's best friend and she hates the way the other kids treat him.

Then Wheezy is given a chance to make a magic wish. She wishes the others would see Lumpy the way she sees him.

But, like most magic wishes, this one doesn't turn out the way she expected.

I don't want to give away the plot, but I will say the story involves a horrible accident and Wheezy missing Lumpy - a lot. 

Kids will certainly enjoy reading The Lumpy Duckling. The characters seem alive, the magic is believable, and the book does have a happy ending.

They'll also learn that physical appearance is not what's important about people.

This book by Kai Strand is one in The Weaver Tales series and the author is certainly an excellent story weaver.


Susan Hornbach said...

Thanks for the review Jan. I'm sure the kids can relate to this one.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Susan.

penelope anne cole said...

Hi Jan, Great review. I loved this book and reviewed it, too. It's great story with a good moral. Very exciting for a book that features Word Weavers! Thanks, Penny (

EmmaGlover said...

Jan, as usual good review. Sounds like a book I want to read, and share. Thanks, emma

BarbaraB said...

Hi Jan, Thanks for the review.
Hi Kai, Everyone who's read the book thinks you have found a wonderful way to approach a subject that lots of people have suffered from. Thanks.

Kai Strand, Author said...

Jan, thank you for your valuable reading time and for the wonderful review!

And thanks everyone for stopping in!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Kai, I only review books I like so I'll be willing to do others you write in the future. You're a good writer.