Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Walls Within Walls

This book is mysterious and exciting. The plot is about kids following clues to figure out a puzzle and experiencing some strange things in the process.

Walls Within Walls begins when a some kids, whose parents have recently become wealthy, move to an impressive apartment in an upper-class section of New York City. The parents are pleased, but the kids are not happy about leaving their friends, having a nanny because their parents are seldom home, and expecting to enter snobbish private schools in the Fall.

Then Brid, Patrick and CJ find out the original owner of the building had turned their new home into a giant puzzle with all sorts of hidden clues. If the puzzle can be solved, a treasure may be found, but the kids aren't the only ones trying to figure it out.

Readers may be able to guess the answers to some of the puzzles, but that isn't easy to do. In the meantime, they'll come to care about the characters, have some thrills, and learn some interesting things about the history of New York City.

Maureen Sherry has written a book that's fun and exciting and I'm sure lots of kids will enjoy reading it.


Susan Hornbach said...

Sounds intriguing Jan. Thanks for sharing.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you for commenting, Susan.