Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dress Up

When I was  kid I loved playing Dress-Up.

My friends and I had some of our parents' discarded clothing, cowboy hats and kerchiefs, and perhaps discarded Halloween costumes and we'd put some of those on and pretend to be various characters. While the girls did this most often, even the boys would join in at times.

We'd use our imaginations and pretend to be whoever we wanted. Of course the girls often chose  to be princesses or fairys while the boys would become sheriffs or soldiers.

Now I'm a grown-up (at least on the outside) but I still enjoy dressing up for special occasions.

Most days I wear slacks or jeans, but it's fun to put on a dress or even velveteen pants and a fancy top to attend a holiday party.

Of course I'm not pretending to be someone else when I do that. I usually save my imagination for my writing.

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