Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Bookshelves

I've mentioned before how I loved getting books as gifts when I was a kid. The Heidi books, Little House on the Prairie and Oz books, Tom Sawyer, and many others are still on my bookshelves today.

And I haven't even mentioned the picture books my parents read to me and my brother every night at bedtime when we were little kids.

When I went away to college I took many of the books I've mentioned with me, but most of the picture books were stored in a box in my mother's basement with my dolls and toys.

Several years later when I had graduated and gotten an apartment I went back to get the things in that box. All of them were rotten and full of mildew! Horrible!!!

I'm so glad I had kept the others with me, and I still have them.  Of course I've added lots more books since then. I kept some of my college textbooks. As a teacher I bought lots of books for kids, and I've purchased and been given many for adults.Our community has a monthly free  book swap and I usually keep some of the books I get there.

A while ago I tried to count how many books I have, but got tired of doing that and decided to figure how many by the average number on a shelf. The estimate is about 2000 altogether.

Can you tell I'm a bookaholic?

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