Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jeremiah Lucky and the Guardian Angel

I appreciate the author's dedication in Jeremiah Lucky and the Guardian Angel  to all children being raised by a single parent because I was once a child like that. When I was a kid my father died and my mother had to work. Fortunately my grandfather was able to care for me after school every day. But I can identify with Jeremiah, the main character in this book who is only in third grade, but sometimes comes home to an empty house. And I'm sure lots of kids today can also identify with him.

This is a realistic portrayal of his everyday life at home and school with the expected problems, but then Angus McDermit appears.

Angus reminds me of a leprechaun, and in the illustrations by Eric Hammond he sort of resembles one, but he's actually the guardian angel who helps Jeremiah each time he has a problem.

And eventually Jeremiah doesn't have to be home alone anymore.

Jane Ellen Freeman has written a book lots of kids will enjoy.


Susan Hornbach said...

Sounds like a wonderful book for children to identify with Jan.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Susan.

Penelope Cole said...

Hi Jan,
Sounds like a good book. I'll be reading and reviewing it, too. I wasn't raised by single parents, but my daughter was--raised by me. She wasn't ever home alone, but it was hard being a single parent. I often thought how it was for her being an only child and having only a mother.
Thanks for your review. Penny (

Janet Ann Collins said...
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Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Penny. Too bad your daughter didn't have Angus.

Barbara Cairns said...

What a necessary book for so many children today.Thanks for writing it, Jane, and thank you, Jan, for reviewing it.

Janet Ann Collins said...

And thank you for the nice comment, Barbara.