Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Here's another blog post about cute picture book for kids. The title of this book is BonBon and the author is Barbara Bockman.

I remember reading books about toys or pets that wanted to be adopted by a child when I was a kid, and this book has a similar theme. The main character, BonBon, is a stuffed poodle in a second hand toy store.

But this book is different from those others because it takes place in Paris, France and includes information about that city. While the information is educational, it's included subtly and won't distract kids from the story at all.

BonBon, like the other toys in the Twice-Loved toy shop longs to be loved by a kid, but so do all the other toys. And BonBon gets hidden behind the others in the window display so children passing by can't even see him.

And then ...  well, I don't want to spoil the story by giving away the amazing series of things that lead to BonBon getting his wish, but I will say what happens is original and creative.

And it's all shown clearly in the illustrations by Eugene Ruble.


Penelope Cole said...

Hi Janet and Barbara, Nice review of cute book. I like your reference to Paris and the sites and sights there. I also reviewed on my blog. Penelope (

BarbaraB said...

Hi Janet Ann,
Thank you very much for a great review of my book. I will go now and tell BonBon what you said; (she is sitting on my bed waiting for the good news). And she looks pretty good (as you can tell from Eugene Ruble illustrations) for a 48 year old toy.