Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gatsby's Grand Adventures Book 3

I've reviewed books in this series before and, as with the others, I appreciate how Barbara Cairns helps young kids appreciate classical art while enjoying an amusing story.

Gatsby is a cat who lives in an art museum. At night while his human, Miss Anabelle, is asleep he can jump into paintings and interact with them.

This time he enters Thomas Gainsboroughs' picture, Girl With Pigs.

But the characters in the picture move around while Gatsby is there. He exits the painting, but it doesn't look at all as it did before.

What can Gatsby do?

It takes him two more trips into the painting to get the girl and pigs back into their original positions. Fortunately no humans enter the room where that art is displayed until he gets it fixed.

I think kids will enjoy this book while learning about art at the same time.


BarbaraB said...

I like this series for the same reasons, Janet Ann. And it sounds as if this one has some nail-biting suspense in it.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Barbara. It is exciting.

Penelope Cole said...

Hi Jan, Yes, I also believe it's a cute series that helps introduce kids to great art.
Wishing Barbara much success. Penny

Janet Ann Collins said...

Penny, I appreciate all your comments.