Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Little Lonnie Long Ears

Anyone who knows me knows I care a lot about people with Special Needs and other differences that make it difficult for them to be accepted.

Little Lonnie Long Ears is a picture book about a bunny who was different from the others and shunned as a result.

Lonnie had such long ears they would trip him and make him fall when he tried to do usual rabbit things like play with other bunnies. The extra long ears also made him look different.

Because of his long ears all the bunnies teased him and he had no friends. None of the other animals would accept him, either.

But one kind bunny named Chrisinda not only accepted Lonnie, she helped him figure out a way to make his long ears into an advantage instead of a disadvantage.

Because of her help, the other bunnies did accept him.

I hope this book, with cute illustrations by KC Snider, will help young kids learn to accept people who are different from themselves. And I hope it will encourage kids who have differences themselves to realize those can be used in positive ways.


Penelope Cole said...

HI Jan,
This is a very cute book that I've also reviewed. Thanks for your championing special needs stories. Wishing Mary Jean and K.C. much success. Penelope

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Penelope.

Karin Larson said...

What a wonderful message and cute story idea! Special needs stories are so needed. Good luck with your sales and congratulations!

Janet Ann Collins said...


I forgot to mention the author's name. The book was written by Mary Jean Kelso, not me.

Mary Jean Kelso said...

Thank you everyone! Thanks to Janet and Barbara for their reviews. For other reviews check out my website
Mary Jean

Mary Jean Kelso said...

Oops, should have added Penelope to my reviewers! Thank you as well!