Saturday, April 9, 2016

Han And The Mysterious Pearl

This book by Barbara Bockman is a wonderful writer! In Han And The Mysterious Pearl she has taken a traditional Chinese legend and transformed it into a story kids of all ages (and adults) will enjoy.

Han is an ordinary boy living in China long ago and, as the story becomes more and more exciting, we learn a lot about the culture and environment of that time and place.

And magic is involved, too.

Han does something wrong and the results are terrible. Can the boy possibly undo the disaster he caused?

The book is short for older readers, but the excellent writing will draw them in.

And the accurate illustrations by Carl Kocich remind us of traditional Chinese art while capturing the excitement of the story.

This book would be great for school libraries and classrooms as well as for kids (and families) who enjoy reading for fun.

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