Saturday, April 23, 2016

Henrietta's Hoof Polish

Henrietta's Hoof Polish is a book that will appeal to little girls who love horses and fancy clothes, and lots of little girls do.

Henrietta is a horse who wants to dress to impress the other horses when she competes in a show where she expects to win a prize.

Of course horses don't wear clothes, so she tries to get the fanciest shoes she can.

None of the shoes she tries seem to be quite right, so she decides to not wear any shoes and to use polish on her hooves instead. (Horses hooves are made of a substance similar to our fingernails.)

She finally chooses and uses sparkling blue hoof polish. Then she goes off to the competition, expecting to win.

But, as in real life, things don't always go as planned and instead of winning she comes in last.

But the next day she's pleased to discover that the other horses have painted their own hooves just like hers.

After reading this cute book by Laura Wolfe a lot of little girls will probably want sparkling blue polish for their own hooves . . . er, I mean fingernails.

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