Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Happy Hands

I don’t often post personal information on the internet, but today I’m making an exception.
For years when my daughter was a young kid I had a home preschool called Happy Hands. Later I worked for several years in other preschools as well as substitute teaching in classes of all ages.
I love working with young kids and have stayed in touch with some of the families I worked with for decades.
Today I’m starting another home preschool, also called Happy Hands, many miles and even more years away from the first one.

I may not have time to blog as often as I’ve been doing, but I hope to be a good influence in the lives of lots of kids.

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Unknown said...

I know Happy Hands is a success. I have been praying about your daycare and know your little pupils will be blessed to have a knowledgeable and funny teacher.