Saturday, June 23, 2018


My old dictionary says a bigot is a person with strong opinions. Today that word means someone who is extremely prejudiced against a group of other people.
In ancient history prejudice was necessary for survival. Perhaps if an early human ate a poisonous fungus and died, others in the tribe would avoid eating any kind of fungus. They might miss out on the healthy mushrooms, but avoid being poisoned.
For centuries if people saw others who looked different from their own group it was likely those people were coming to invade and try to take over their territory, so it was logical to be prejudiced against them.
In the ancient past prejudice was a survival technique, but times have changed.
Prejudice means believing all members of a group are the same, and it’s possible to be prejudiced in favor of people, such as a favorite sports team.
Bigotry is a strong, negative prejudice against a group of humans.
Unfortunately, I’m prejudiced against people who are bigots, so I guess that makes me an anti-bigot bigot. 

Does that mean I’m prejudiced against myself?

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