Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Playing Dress-up

When I was a kid I loved playing dress up. 
I had some old Halloween costumes and a few skirts and blouses that had belonged to my mother, and a cowboy hat and cap gun. I think I also had a big piece of fabric I used as a cape. 
All the kids in the neighborhood would put on our dress-up costumes and pretend to be various characters.
Of course the boys always wanted to be cowboys or super heroes while the girls often pretended to be princesses.
In about a month I’ll get to play dress-up again. I’ll be volunteering at the local Renaissance Fair for kids in Nevada City and I’m figuring out what to wear. I don’t have an authentic costume from that time period, but I do have a long dress with full sleeves, so I’ll probably wear that.
It will be fun to act like a kid again!

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