Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Why do people give gifts at Christmas and Hanukah?

Partly because gifts are a way to show love.

Over 15 years ago a book by Gary Chapman was published that talked about five "love languages," or ways to show affection, and giving gifts is one of those.

But that's not the only reason we give things.

Sometimes it's a status symbol to be able to afford expensive presents for others.

Sometimes people give presents because they feel guilty or want to make someone else like them.

And sometimes people give simply because that's expected in our culture and we've always done it that way.

However I'm one of the givers in the first category. Giving is one of the ways I show love. So if you get a Christmas present from me you can be sure you're someone I care about.

Unfortunately I can't afford to buy presents for everyone I do care about, but I hope all my friends have a wonderful holiday season and remember to focus on love.

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