Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Helping Each Other

I don't usually blog about my own books or publicity for them, but I want to mention an event that's a special one because it's about people helping each other.

There's a new business in Grass Valley, CA called The Hub. Most people haven't heard of it yet, and the location is difficult to see from nearby roads.

On Saturday the owner will be hosting me at a book signing for Secret Service Saint, a book for kids which was published several years ago.

Hopefully the signing will help me sell more books and also help more people become aware of the new business in their community.

Since the book is about Saint Nicholas, who discovered the joy of helping others, I hope kids who read the book will want to do that, too.

We see lots of bad stuff in the news, but people help each other all the time. For instance, just this week a neighbor cleared the snow from my driveway and someone else dug out my car when it got stuck in the snow. 

Let's try to focus more on the good things instead of the bad.

Has anyone helped you lately?


EmmaGlover said...

Thanks for sharing some uplifting highlights -- a trademark of your postings. Best wishes on your book signing event, emma

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Emma.