Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Papa's Suns

Papa's Suns by Kevin McNamee is the only book I've seen that will help kids deal with a family member having a stroke.

The book tells of a kid whose grandfather, who he calls Papa, draws pictures for him and shows him how to draw. The two of them have a close relationship, but when Papa has a stroke he can't talk anymore.

But he's still able to draw a sun for Jacob, and does so.

This charming book, with illustrations by Samantha Bell, will be a wonderful discussion starter for children who know someone who has a stroke. And it would be a great addition to the children's books in hospital waiting rooms and doctor's offices.


Penelope Cole said...

Hi Jan, good review. I'm going to review it, too. Thanks for posting. Blessings, Penny

Janet Ann Collins said...

You're welcome. I look forward to seeing your review.