Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Scavengers

Michael Perry is a bestselling author of books for adults, but The Scavengers is his first book for kids.

It's a great one!

In the sci-fi future where the story takes place, most people have moved into bubble cities controlled by the government where everything is supposed to be wonderful. ButMaggie's family had decided to stay outside the bubble where they barely survive by scavenging things left from the past.

Maggie is a feisty girl, and decides to change her name to Ford Falcon after an old car where she sleeps. Her life, and that of her family isn't easy, but she' manages to help them survive.

Then one day they disappear and she must fight even worse dangers as she tries to find and rescue them.

The plot is dramatic and the characters are realistic.

The story has a satisfying conclusion (which I won't give away) but I have a feeling and a hope that it's only the first in a series.

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