Saturday, July 4, 2015


What Would Jefferson Think? Or Washington, or Franklin, or any of the others who helped establish the USA if they should time travel to America in our time?

They'd be overwhelmed with amazement.

Probably the first thing they'd notice would be cars and trucks - vehicles that move without animals to pull them !?!

Then they'd notice the way people, especially women dress. Shocking!

And if they saw someone walking down the street talking on a cell-phone they'd probably think that person was possessed by demons.

As they learned about our machinery that could plow and harvest crops, make and sew fabrics, and even do laundry and clean floors, they'd agree that slavery wasn't needed anymore.

But they'd be stunned to see our racial diversity and that women have rights to have jobs outside the home other than being servants or prostitutes and (gasp!) that those people could even vote and hold office in government. The founders of our country would probably pass out with shock to learn that the United States of America has an African-American president and a woman as possible candidate for that office.

The size of our country would impress those men, and they would probably feel honored that we still celebrate the things they fought for, but they could never have imagined how much our country would have changed since they established it.

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