Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All the Children

Some of you may remember the Sunday School song about Jesus loving all the children in the world. The song calls the children red, yellow, black and white.

Those terms are often used to refer to various races. But none of them are accurate.

I have seen some people from certain parts of Africa and a few African Americans with skin so dark brown it's almost black, but most people in America with African ancestry have skin that's brown or tan.

I once saw someone with severe liver jaundice and his skin had a strong yellow tint, but I've never seen an Asian person with yellow skin.

The only red people I've encountered had fair skin and severe sunburn.

And I have met a few people with albinism who had such pale skin it could be considered white. One of them was African American.

And why does anyone think the color of people's skin defines them?  We could discuss prejudice, but it would take all day.

Perhaps the lyrics of that song should be changed to say, "Tan, and beige, and brown and pink, God still loves us when we stink."

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