Saturday, August 29, 2015

Samuel & Sophia

Samuel & Sophia, A Tale of Two Teddies is a cute chapter book for young readers.

The two teddy bears in the story are alive and can talk to children, but grown-ups can't hear them.

The bears want to be adopted by a kid and, since they're siblings, they must stay together.

Unfortunately, they're purchased as a gift for a teenager who collects bears. The girl is too old to hear the bears and, since Samuel has a defect, the girl's mother tosses him out.

Can the brother and sister get together again?

This story is cute, with enough tension to keep kids turning the pages. While the concept of toys being able to communicate with children isn't new, Author Judy Dearborn Nill has used it uniquely in this story.

K.C. Snider's art helps bring the story to life.

Many kids who can't read yet will enjoy hearing the story read to them. They'll probably be begging to hear just one more chapter.


penelope anne cole said...

Hi Janet,
this is a good story for twins, or brothers and sisters, since it shows how important it is for family and friends to stick together. Thanks for your review.
Blessings, Penny (

Janet Ann Collins said...

I hadn't thought of the bears as twins. Thanks, Penny.